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2018-03-09 15:20:17 -0500

Aqui vai alguns links úteis.

Whenever we log in to Facebook we are taken to its home page by default. And then, depending on what we wish to view, we navigate to our favorite page, a group list, user profile, events, messages etc.

Now, if you have a habit of doing something specific each time you log in to Facebook, why don’t you bookmark the URL that takes you there directly? Saves time, right?

I have listed a few important ones. Hope you will find them useful. Just copy paste these on your browser’s address bar, and then bookmark them.

Go to the home page: Your profile: Check news feed on the go: Sort feed by top stories: Sort feed by most recent: Land in to the events page and stay abreast with the events: Quickly peep in to the calendar: Check your messages: Straight in to your favorite page 😉 : Do this if you have a favorite group: (replace group id with the bunch of numbers that you’ll find in the URL when you’re on that Facebook group)

Créditos: Guiding Tech / João Pedro

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